Monday, April 08, 2013

2013: Blackberry Returns, Plays Catch Up to iOS and Android in Comeback

2013: Blackberry Returns

After being the powerhouse of corporate smartphone just a decade earlier, Blackberry has faded tremendously in popularity no thanks to its inability to evolve within the smartphone sector, taken down by the ever famous Apple iPhone and a myriads of SAMSUNG and HTC phones running on Google’s Android OS.

A lot has happened over the time gap between Blackberry’s stagnant innovation and Apple vs Samsung war over the past few years. RIM has been rebranded as Blackberry and it finally launched the rebuilt BB10 OS. Don’t get it wrong, Blackberry’s stronghold still lies in the physical QWERTY keyboard lovers and Blackberry loyalists. 

In the end of March 2013, Blackberry announced Q4 profit of $98 million, surprising many analysts and technologists alike. A lot of us would have put our money on Blackberry to be ousted from the market and sent to the history books for good. However, it is still hard to tell if this achievement could spur a turnaround for the Canadian company.

The Blackberry Z10 is a promoted as  a sleek, multi-tasking smartphone based on a much awaited BB10 OS.It is extremely crucial for Blackberry to convert as many corporate users to BB10 as possible judging by the fact that many corporate structures have shifted to the iOS as their preferred choice in recent times. 

Many analysts have labeled Blackberry’s Z10 launch a disappointment, which proves to say that they still have a lot of catch up work to do to prevent from going into the history books for good. The last Blackberry I owned was in 2007. And I don’t think I would buy another to play with, unless they reinvent another smartphone evolution. Till then, I will save my spare cash for more apps purchase. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Retrieve Live Messenger Saved Password

How to retrieve Windows Live Messenger saved password?

Option 1: Download this recovery tool (link)

Option 2:
This article focuses on recovering a Windows Live Messenger password and the way this can be achieved. It reveals the methods user can use to change or recover a lost or forgotten password on Windows Live Messenger. Changing a password can be done in just a few steps, whereas recovering the password can be done by choosing a secret question when signing up. It can also be done by downloading MSN Messenger Password Recovery. The link to the location is included in the article.

Regularly changing your MSN account password is important in order to prevent other people from trying to decrypt it, particularly when you use public or shared computers. You should keep a record of your passwords in an external folder in case you forget it. If this does occur, there are other ways to recover your password which are explained in this article.

1.Changing your password (Windows Live Messenger)

To change your password, you must sign in to your email account.
  • 1. Sign in to Windows Live Messenger and open your email account (the envelope icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen)
  • 2. Once your mailbox accounts is open, from the upper right-hand corner of the screen, select Options.
  • 3. Under Manage your account, select "View and edit your personal information".
  • 4. Your personal information should now be displayed, as well as a section labelled "Password reset information". Click on "Change" next to "Password: *******"
  • 5. Another window will pop up prompting you to enter your current password and type in your new one. Rthe new password for confirmation.
  • 6. If you want to change your password regularly, tick the box labelled "Make my password expire every 72 days"
  • 7. Finish by clicking "Save".

Note: Don't forget to store your password in a safe folder

2. Password recovery

If you have forgotten your Messenger password, there are three ways to recover it.

Secret question

When signing up for your account, you have been asked to choose a secret question from the list and provide an answer. You can use this option to recover your password by choosing "Forgot your password?" at the bottom of the screen before signing in. This will open a new browser and you will be directed to this link:
  • 1. Enter your account name (e.g.
  • 2. Enter the characters displayed in the required field.
  • 3. Click "Continue".
  • 4. When asked to select the option for resetting your password, choose "Use my location information and secret answer to verify my identity".
  • 5. Choose your location from the list (it must correspond to the location you entered upon the creation of your account). Enter your secret answer in the required field. Click "Continue".

Send password reset instructions to your alternative email address

If you do not remember the answer to the secret question, you can also try to send the password reset instruction to the alternative email address entered upon account creation.

Note: You should know the substitute email address that has been suggested upon registration of your account.
  • 1. Choose "Send password reset instructions to me in email".
  • 2. Select "Alternate email address". Click continue.
  • 3. "Password reset instructions were sent to your alternate e-mail address.

If you don't see the e-mail message in your inbox, look for it in your junk mail folder or check your e-mail again later
." will display on your screen.
  • 4. You can now check your email to get the reset instructions.
  • 5. Copy the link provided in a new browser to confirm the request. It might take a few minutes to process the information.
  • 6. Enter the correct information in the required fields to confirm your identity and reset your new password.

Download MSN Messenger password recovery programme

This programme will recover your password by decrypting it. It is compatible only with MSN messenger, Windows Live Messenger 8 can find the Windows Messenger passwords that have been saved on your system.

Note: This programme will only work if you have checked "Remember me" and "Remember my password" when signing to Messenger.

Download Link:

When the download is complete, simply run the programme and click "Recover Password!"

Friday, July 20, 2012

Good Reason to Visit Chuck E. Cheese - Current Coupons $0.20 per Token

Current ongoing promotion from Chuck E. Cheese: 100 tokens for $20 (Save $5). That comes down to $0.20 per token.

Print the coupon and present at the counter to redeem the deal. Excluding Hawaii.

Monday, February 20, 2012

iPad 3 2012

The Apple iPad 3 is to be announced on early March at an official Apple event, with many firmly expecting a Retina display in it, and possibly and A6 chip.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Apple iPad 3 Rumors Heating Up, A6 Processor and Retina Display

It's about the time when rumors of Apple’s next generation tablet, the iPad 3 is heating up with speculations that the Apple iPad 3 will be unveiled within the next two to three months. The latest story has the next-gen tablet getting cameras that match the iPhone 4S’s 8MP shooter.

Such a camera upgrade would be an enormous improvement.Many Apple fans were hugely disappointed when Apple went low with the iPad 2′s cameras. The iPad 3′s front camerawould also supposedly get an upgrade to be capable of shooting HD video, just nice for a more advanced feel when making the Facetime calls.

Many tech enthuthiasts will expect that the iPad 3 comes with an A6 processor wrapped inside(should be no surprise). The Retina display is also expected to be embedded into the iPad 3.
Now about the timing; the previous rumor calls for the iPad 3 to arrive in January (on Steve Jobs’s birthday) doesn't sound believeable, as this would upset holiday shoppers who bought the iPad 2 over the past Christmas. So it would be a more realistic call to expect the iPad 3 at about the same time as the iPad 2 last year (March 11).

One factor which is hot in discussion now is the pricing of the iPad 3. Will Apple reduce the iPad 2 price in order to help combat Amazon's Kindle Fire? This same strategy was used by Apple for several years with outdated iPhones. Any price reduction will definitely help the new-to-tablet consumers hop onto the iPad bandwagon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 Clubs Agree to Pay Neymar Release Clause of €45 Millions

Santos president Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro has confirmed five clubs in Europe have agreed to pay Neymar's €45 million release clause.

The clubs - named in widespread reports throughout Brazil as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester City and Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala - will now be given permission to speak to Neymar.

"We don't want to sell the player, but of course there is a release clause in his contract that can be paid," he told ESPN Brasil. "Five European clubs have offered to match the clause.

"I cannot name them because there is an agreement between Santos and the clubs, but they are the most important European clubs. They have asked to speak to the player and obviously we've allowed them to."

He added: "The clubs have behaved ethically. They sought out Santos first and were willing to pay the clause. With this ethical approach, they can talk to anyone - with Neymar's father, with [agent] Wagner Ribeiro, and with the representatives of Neymar."

Chelsea had seen a number of bids rejected for Neymar last summer before the 19-year-old Brazil international signed a new long-term deal with the club.

Ribeiro added: "Last year, Chelsea's attitude was different. Their first action was to seek out the player's representatives."

The news comes just a day after Ribeiro said Neymar wanted to become the best player in the world while remaining in Brazil, and he remains confident that the forward will opt to stay at Santos.

"These clubs can come and make their offers, but if he wants to stay at Santos then he'll say no and stay at Santos," he said. "It's not a good time for him to leave.

"The 2014 World Cup is coming and the eyes of the world will be on Brazil. If he stays, and wins the Club World Cup, the Olympics and maybe the World Cup, he will become an idol and can go to Europe having done it all.

"Right now, he lives close to his family and friends in the city he loves and is at a club that is right for him. There's no reason for him to go now. I think he'll stay."

Thursday, May 05, 2011

New Wii Bundle with Mario Kart Wii Pack (with Wii Wheel)

Nintendo will release a new current generation Wii bundle to replace the
present pack that comes with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. The Mario Kart with Wii Wheel is currently sold at $39.96 at Amazon. I think this would be a better attraction to potential Wii buyers, because you will be getting one of the best selling game of the Wii era in Mario Kart although some may argue that you will be losing 2 games which represent the flagship of motion sensor gaming from the Nintendo Wii.

This new bundle pack also comes with a price slash bringing the Wii MSRP officially to $149.99 amid the news that Sony will release the next generation Wii in 2012 and it will be showcased at the E3 in June 2011. Retailers like Toys R Us and Best Buy had started their own price cuts prior to Nintendo's official price cut in a move to sell as many Wiis off their shelves and inventories as they expect sales to slow down towards the launch of the next generation Wii. Many rumors are guessing that the new Wii a.k.a Wii 2 or Wii HD will finally bring HD graphics to the popular console with some even suggesting that the remote would come with a video graphics screen.

With Sony and Microsoft getting into the act of motion sensor gaming with the PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect respectively, gaming enthusiasts are eager to know what Nintendo will pull out of its hat this time.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

How to Check Wii Firmware Version

I saw a post offering modding services for the Nintendo Wii 3.0-4.1 (any region) and I realised I don't know what version is my Wii. And to add insult to injury, I have no idea how to check the version on my Wii because there's no Help > About tab. I quickly searched on Google "how to check Wii firmware" and it returned some results, mostly linked to Yahoo! Answers page. In the end, I did manage to find out what's my Wii's version. It's version 4.3U. All you have to do to check for your Wii firmware version is to go into the Wii settings box and then it's on the top right corner of page 1!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Haley Reinhart Rolling in the Deep mp3

I never knew the song Rolling in the Deep by Adele until I saw Haley Reinhart singing it on Americal Idol. For fans of Haley Reinhart who love her rendition of Rolling in the Deep, a quick search online will lead you to a working link easily.

Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 NFL Draft 1st Pick: Heisman QB Cam Newton Goes to the Carolina Panthers

2010 Heisman winner QB Cam Newton of Auburn has emerged as the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft. The Carolina Panthers, who finished last season with the NFL's worst record were given the first choice and as widely expected, they took the Auburn University quarterback and 2010 Heisman Trophy winner as the No. 1 pick.
The 21-year-old Newton is part of the 2010 Auburn Tigers who finished the season with a 14-0 record in 2010, culminating with a win in the BCS National Championship game in January, while setting several individual records.

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